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Restorative Treatment Options

  • Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMAC) - is a component of your bone marrow that contains growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins which have been shown to promote bone and soft tissue healing as well as reduce symptoms of pain related to injuries, tendinitis and arthritis. Some of these cells have the capacity to regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation and enhance wound healing.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) - The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP), a portion of the patient’s own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems.
  • Micronized Fat (MAT) - Micronized adipose (fat) tissue is another natural approach to treating orthopedic injuries including bone and joint using your own cells. Your fat contains many reparative cells that can help aid in healing your damaged tissue. Fat can be easily harvested through a procedure using just a small amount of a local anesthetic. Research has shown that fatty tissue maintains it reparative properties even as we age which can make it an excellent choice for older patients.


All of our general orthopedic physicians are board certified and have the experience and expertise to treat the full range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. The General Orthopedic team of physicians is devoted to non-surgical and surgical medical management of injury or disease of the musculoskeletal system which includes bones, joints and muscles. Collectively, they are able to provide each patient with a comprehensive orthopedic treatment plan that may or may not include surgical intervention.

Hip and Knee Joint Replacement and Revision

Our joint replacement specialists work diligently to help patients regain or maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. We treat a range of patients including those experiencing disability and pain from arthritis. We treat other orthopedic problems including deformities, infections, and traumatic injuries and failed joint replacements. We consider every patient’s individual needs, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, to help them move toward an active, pain-free lifestyle. Patient support begins with patient education including a discussion about which treatments are available.

Occupational Injuries

Our provider team at Orthopedic Associates of Dayton provides expeditious and professional services to employees and employers. Our Workers Compensation team provides employers with an individualized approach to the treatment of injured employees and our mission is to return employees to work as soon as possible.


Shoulders are the most flexible joints in your body. Unfortunately, that same flexibility is what makes your shoulders more susceptible to injury than other joints. Our surgeons have extensive experience performing minimally invasive joint replacement procedures, arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery and other therapeutic treatments and procedures designed to restore your shoulder’s health and stability so that you can return to an active life free from pain.

Spine and Neck

Back and neck pain are two of the most common health problems affecting Americans. When this pain becomes chronic, even the smallest tasks or daily activities can become challenging. Tigyer Back & Neck Center is dedicated to relieving your discomfort and improving your quality of life. Our providers provide a wide variety of spine services ranging from minimally invasive procedures to surgery. Minimally invasive treatments include physical therapy as well as numerous injections such as Epidural, Facet, Bursa, Trigger Point and Sacroiliac Joint. For our patients requiring surgery there are many options for various conditions. For patients with pain that does not require surgery, we also offer Spinal Cord Stimulator trials and implants.

Sports Medicine

Our physicians at Orthopedic Associates of Dayton are board certified Orthopedic Surgeons and Primary Care Sports Medicine Physicians who treat musculoskeletal problems of children and adults, athletes and non-athletes. They diagnose, treat and manage conditions such as sprains, strains and fractures. They use a multi-disciplinary approach which includes physical therapy, injection therapy and bracing.

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